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Lora, Deja, Ajala, Aara

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Small size plugging. Bubbly face, Sexy voice, outward appearance

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May, Jenny

Who Are We?


We offer Singapore City Girls & Adult Entertainment Services where we pride ourselves on the fact that 80% of our clienteles return within 12 months. This can only be because our clients have enjoyed themselves on the last visit and would want to be a regular with us. They know they will also enjoy a better personal service as they open up for us to have a deepen understanding of what they like and dislike.


If you’re a busy executive or a fun seeker seeking for a beautiful and charming Singapore City Girl for a holiday companion or partner, evening out or a simple wish to share a few relaxing hours. We have good mix of city girls that will appeal to you.


Whatever your requirements are, we believe you will find our city girls ideal, as all our girls are sociable, naturally caring, love to meet new people, enjoy new experiences and are beautifully dressed for any occasion that is within your agenda.


Your comfort and pleasure is also utmost importance to us. Your city girl will make you feel relaxed and comfortable to their best abilities while also bringing pleasure to you during your time with her.


We endeavor to ensure that you enjoy your time with us and feel certain that you will join our list of returning clients within 12 months of your visit


Our Promise

= No hidden agenda, everything is delivered as promised.

= Questions will be answered in a quick and timely fashion at all times.

= Discreet entertainment is our priority.

It is very easy for us to promise you so much yet deliver so little, but that is not how we operate our business because we care and value our clienteles.

Singapore City Girls - Premium Escorts & Talent Modeling Agency for one who prefers discretion & hassle free entertainment. TEL +65 9102 6637



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Common misconception of social escort services


Social escort services are a brilliant trade to a city's tourism industry, which is offered to city visitors by escort services agencies. It is a common misconception that escort services are adult oriented because others are not. Like for example, when a friend or a visiting business colleague of yours may need some support on a first date, you could hire an escort as his date to show him around the city and make him feel welcome.


But of course such services are not limited to that task alone, because many people, foreigners and locales, find escort services very useful for a variety of occasions. You can hire one to accompany you on a business function, attend with you on a birthday party, watch theatre / musical performances, and basically just have a good time. You could also go shopping together, and have a nice hot meal after that while having a nice talk.


The Truth Behind social escort services


Social escort services are not something that you would usually read about in a travel itinerary because such information is not frequently published publicly by travel agencies. The reason behind this is that despite being a professional service, social escort services are still tagged with stigma by some people frown upon social escort services as adult services.


The fact is, social escort services have developed tremendously to cater to the various needs of tourists from all over the world. For instance, you may be surprised to learn that you can hire a social escort as a date to accompany you to a business function. This is where their professionalism steps in, because after all, to fill this need, the social escort will have to be well educated, and speaks fluently in English.

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